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Quinn’s Hedgehog
February 18, 2010, 9:42 pm
Filed under: Hedgehog Days

I don’t actually know Quinn, but he has a legacy of Hedgehog-ness.  My friend Robin went to school with him and contacted him for me. Thank you Robin! Below is his blurb about Hedgehogs, and also pictures of his remarkable Hedgehog costume he crafted for himself for Halloween. So, thank you, Quinn, for your contribution to the blog. I’m posting a link to his etsy shop. Wander in and take a look around… 

by Quinn:

“Hedgehogs are…awesome. So spiky and prick-like if you don’t know how to handle them. Such attitude too. But their belly is soft, fuzzy and cuddly. I had one as a pet for 7 years when I was 11. He would sort uncooked beans by colors for fun. Well, he did it once and I actually never saw him do it, but lo and behold after I woke from a nap, he was in the kitchen. Red beans in one corner, white beans in another and then himself squished into yet another corner. All spiked up and unwilling to move. Lots of hissing when he got like that. Sounds like, “Fffff”. :)”


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