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Beginnings of “hi jane”
February 16, 2010, 9:02 pm
Filed under: Hedgehog Days

Here’s is the bulletin where James the Hedgehog begins his exsistence. I’m having fun with this book. I prefer children’s books with good content for the imagination. I used to amuse myself in church by imagining myself a small fairy flying around the ceiling, and landing on the lights. I will never forget those church lights as long as I live.

Yesterday I began sketching out the story… I think most of us have all experienced un-requited “Love.” It certainly is a never- tiring theme in stories. So this is the Hedgehog version of Charlie Brown and the Little Red Headed Girl. Except, in this story… well, I won’t give it away. For now, you can see a page from my sketchbook, and a close up on a scene where James bakes muffins for Jane, and Jane (naturally) feeds them to her pet fish.


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can’t wait to read this to my kids!! :o)

Comment by Hannah Rice

Are you sure you shouldn’t call it “Why, Jane?” because you would wonder why…it could be a book about assuming(?) something wrong because he won’t ask her why and thinks up these crazy reasons but in the end he finnally asks her and there is a simple answer to each one. Looks Cute!

Comment by Samantha

weeellllll the book has two halves. the situation does an about-face. hang on. :)

Comment by marylekoshereillustrated

i love that they are named James and Jane. very cute.

Comment by audrey

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