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January 22, 2010, 9:51 pm
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no, don’t mail ME art! well, you can if you want to :) On my friend Ethan–whose blog is linked (look left) I found a very quirky and fun contest…that was free! There’s still time to enter if anyone is interested. Deadline is Jan 31st.

Anyway, the idea is to mail this guy in England a piece of art…unpackaged art. In fact, some people do the art on envelopes and boxes. By the time the art reaches the UK, it is stamped and stickered, maybe even rumpled. Some people leave the artwork unstamped, others incorporate the stamp into the piece. Anyway, it’s a fantastic little project, and a book has already been published. Here’s the piece I submitted…it’s weird. I don’t do a lot of weird art–I’m not into it. But weird seemed to be the going thing for this, so I jumped in…

The Cameo


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Mary, I love this. As flexible as your “mold” is, you broke it. This is the kind of art I love. I guess I like weird. :) great job.

Comment by Amy Copeland

yep, very cool, Mary!!

Comment by Hannah Rice

Great job! What a great idea :) I’m going to send one in!

Comment by Rachel H.

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