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Love 13 Project
January 20, 2010, 6:53 pm
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Dear Followers-Of-Me-Blog,

 I am about to introduce to you a brand new project. I enjoyed the flurry of action that accompanied the blog during October. I hope to recreate that interest among you over the next few days. If you’ve entered a store this month, splashing your way through pink and red in the doorway, you know that Valentine’s Day is coming. In honor of this holiday, I am creating a product to be sold here on this blog and on its neighboring Etsy shop. So check in each morning, beginning tomorrow, for the day’s edition. They will be put up for the next thirteen days… why thirteen? Why, the love chapter of course. So here’s the description:

I will be selling FRAMEABLE VALENTINES CARDS. These will be 5×7 watercolor paintings depicting LOVE in cartoon illustration. These are not prints, but unique originals. They will be sold first-come-first-serve for $25. They will be mailed promptly, no shipping costs added.  The idea is to order your someone a card, write a message inside of it, and frame it. Not only will they have a piece of artwork to be hung as a little accent piece in the house, but they have a message inside from you!

Most of the cards will be for sweethearts, but I will be doing some parent-child ones that can be given to dads or moms, or to your own child. And if you really want one, and don’t give it to anyone…I won’t tell. ;)

So…check in tomorrow to see the first of thirteen!


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…hej das ist SUPER!!!
Sarah, Jona, Aaron and I, we will look every day!
…liebe Grüße aus Freilassing :))

Comment by Michaela

THanks guys! :) Momsi needs to get married soon, so I can come back there and see youguys :)

Comment by marylekoshereillustrated

you venture capitalist, you. =)

Comment by Nino

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