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December 30, 2009, 10:04 am
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I’m sitting here, in a German kitchen, just arrived from our little trip to my mom-in-laws brother, near Austria. I’m sitting by Sawaya, eating instant soup, while he annoyingly reads over my shoulder. It’s raining outside, which is a very un-german-christmas-thing to do, in my American opinion. The soup was a nice suggestion.

So far, our family has proved to be quite the nice tourist company. :) The other day we went to some natural springs, turned into a profitable business. Thermic-spa. A selection of pools, naturally heated; “caves” with steamy air; showers dousing you with hot or icy water… Lots of people were there, the day after Christmas. Large German men lumbering about quite at ease with themselves and their tiny scrap of spandex.

Our day yesterday was jammed full. We went to Salzburg, Austria, better known to the common American as the place where Sound of Music was filmed. :) We stayed for two nights with Esther’s brother, who proved to have a pleasant house and wonderful hospitality. We ate well, including a Swiss meal of cheese fondue last night.

Esther’s brother is the father of Achim, who attended our wedding with his wife. They have a healthy, boisterous family of three children, who were thrilled to turn me into a Jungle Gym. Aaron, the little one, is the translated version of Calvin and Hobbes. He persisted in speaking to me in German, even though I emphatically repeated my newly acquired phrase “I don’t speak German”. Perhaps his little mind couldn’t grasp that someone SPEAKING German (even if it was to say that one doesn’t speak german) couldn’t naturally understand his order to “get down on the floor” where he could grab your hands and climb gleefully up unto your shoulders.

Europeans do everything different. Under careful consideration, with luck, you can figure out how the toilets flush. The light switches, if you can find them, do not look familiar. You often pay for public toilets, putting you into an instant internal debate as to whether or not the experience will be worth the 50 cents. Some things they do over here, are very clever. The way they have blinds that come down over the windows on the outside to block out cold, or the way they recycle. And then of course, there is the bread, cheese, and chocolate. No more commentary needed. Christmas decorations are extremely beautiful. They are exactly as decorations should be– they look like they are from a craft fair.

So, I have driven on the Auto-ban, bought enough chocolate to feed a third of Virginia, and have grown accustomed to the German language as one grows used to the radio playing in the background. I’m glad I have my faithful side-kick, Kenyan-turned American, Sawaya with me so that I am not completely a minority. :)

the Sound of Music Gazebo! :)


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…and what about the BOSNA…
(the special lunch in the Getreidegasse in Salzburg)
Hope you will have much more adventures :))
…have fun in Stuttgart with shopping too :))

Comment by Michaela

that’s awesome Mary! Sounds like so much fun :o) Thanks for posting….very cool pictures, too!! :o)

Comment by Hannah Rice

What a wonderful trip! There are benefits to marrying someone with European family!

Comment by Stephanie

True True…

Comment by marylekoshereillustrated

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