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John’s Geraniums…
December 17, 2009, 10:13 pm
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We are sold out tonite. December graduation.  I’m watching You’ve Got Mail on tv…they actually have Dial-Up internet in a movie. Can you imagine if 24 were filmed back then? The office is cold, but the living room is lovely. There’s a cookie bar set up, the fire is going, and the 5 Christmas cds in the player are on their 49th rotation. Tom Hanks, by the way, gives hope to all the not-so-amazing-looking guys out there. You can be a star.

I am mostly packed for Germany, but I have a dilema. I have a smattering of novels that I have not read on my shelf. I feel like a great gripping novel, but here comes a problem. Shall I read Modern American lit? In Europe? Doesn’t a trip to Europe suggest Tolstoy or at least Dickens? Right now I have planned a collection of Christmas tales by the wonderful Irish Maeve Binchy. I have C.S. Lewis Mere Christianity. I  (if it comes in time) my book club reading, which is a memoir. I need one more to plug in. I’m contemplating The Hours. Or Hemmingway, Green Hills of Africa, but prehaps not. It’s winter. Or… The Color of Water: a black man’s tribute to his white mother. Personal interest, shall we say?

Now, to art. My first drawing of my “Coffee Shops, Cafes, and Still Lifes” to grace the walls of the Clay Corner Inn, is at last complete. It is a noble thing, this thing I’ve done. I have immortalized man’s labor. John, the boss’s husband, is the Germanium Guy. Right now, as December freezes the property and turns “rustic charm” into “dilapitated old dead things”, John grows Geraniums in a creepy cubby hole in the basement. Under a florescent light. The light watches over the potted plants day and night. I doubt this much effort has ever gone into plants that can’t be smoked or bring a profit. That said, here is the drawing, which took so long that most of the flowers died in the process. But no matter! As long as they first were submitted to the Grand Ole 4B, they may die as they please.

left over frame from senior art show...


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anything you draw will be beautiful. but believe me when i say in the new river valley, landscapes and local scenes will sell. and they will look pretty on the walls at the inn, too. some ideas: burruss hall, the drill field, the staduim (ugh, i know), the cascades, the duck pond, mabry mills, ellett valley, college ave, the view from dragon’s tooth, mcafee’s knob, etc…alumni will love this stuff. and parents, too. and they are the ones who can afford to buy original art!!

Comment by joi

Yes…I have debated this. What I’m concentrating on now kinda involves this…coffee shops/cafe subject matter. Mill Mountain, Bollos… shop window downtown… But I’ll keep the other in mind too. THis is a great market.

Comment by marylekoshereillustrated

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