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Introducing The Books: 1-4
November 15, 2009, 6:57 pm
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Here is my greatest pursuit. Children’s books. Illustration. This is not a hobby to me, but a dream that I am (finally) pursuing. Only two have been mailed. The third is waiting, ready to go. All I have to do is look up a publisher, print an address label and go to the post office. What is keeping me? There is something that hangs about…prehaps it is fear or rejection? Or the death of a dream? I’m not sure. Maybe it’s laziness or procrastination in fine clothes. :) The first book has already been rejected. For some publishers, they don’t bother with rejection letters. They just tell you …”wait x amount of months and consider yourself rejected.” So that’s what I’m doing. The second book will be considered rejected in December. My strategy is as follows: flood the market. I am hesitant to send my books to multiple publishers at once. Although, I have decided to try it with the first book, and keep on my main route with the others. Wait for rejection; re-send.  My goal before Christmas is to have books 1 and 3 sent out. Book five is in the making. Beginning sketches (don’t read this Denise and Rachel)  having been drawn on the church bulletin this morning. No pictures as of yet… Ironically, it’s about cats. Remember my struggles with “Puss and Boots”? Anyway, carrying on…


This book was written by my friend, Ty Hopkins. That was before I knew that it is a bad idea to collaborate with a friend. Harder to get published. (So, friends who are inspired to write–send in your manuscripts, dont find a friend to illustrate it) But I will still send it out, hopeful of some editor liking it well enough to buy it. The story is a “lesson story” about a little pig who steals cookies, then tries to cover his theft, making himself very ill in the attempt. This is a story that Ty told his little son, True.


The Manuscript, drawings and final paintings




This is my baby. I would love to do a series of books on this…like Curious George :) Last Christmas, I hung plastic stars over my windows. I awoke one morning to find one fallen into the kitchen sink. And I thought about what would happen if one were to find a star fallen into one’s backyard. Here was how my imagination played out. This is the story of Grant, who awakens to a star in his backyard…and finds it inhabited!


Grant wakes up and puts on his favorite shirt...

Developing the book



A page from the "mock up book" sent to the publisher


Color copies of these paintings were sent for samples of finished paintings


Suddenly a door opens...


This is the first of the four that I began working a couple of years ago or so. It is a story I told myself as a child while raking leaves. Raking leaves is tedious work, so I eased the task by pretending that the grass was the hair of a beautiful princess. This is the story of how the princess nearly got ruined by a headful of leaves and sticks…good thing there are such a thing as fairies and wood elves! It is a story within a story–beginning with Luke, a boy who (naturally) hates raking leaves.



The beautiful Green-haired princess


This book I began in Kenya. It is the story of two naive American women who take a safari to Africa in search of a lion. This book is a great outlet for my 600 + photos I took of Kenya. The story book is more silly than informative, but glimpses of Kenya are there as well. And of course, Samburus will be the featured tribe. There are only sketches to this book thus far. The OCTOBER 31 project interrupted…



preparing for kenya...


trying to get it right...not there yet...


aha! there it is...


I really like this one of Helen... hee hee

So… my work is cut out for me. This one has hours and hours of more work to do. Then there’s book 5 cutting in line… Book 5 entitled “MRS. DOBBS HAS TOO MANY CATS” will begin appearing soon. I have at least three other books that I’d like to do. As you may have seen from above, you don’t send a completed book to a publisher. This is very nice, as it doesn’t require endless hours of work before you can get it off for sale. My goal is to have 10 books circulating at one time.  Feedback is welcome. Don’t hold back on criticism.


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This is very random, but Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” is my favorite painting! Your story ideas are very cute- I’m sure that kids will love them. :)

Comment by Kate

Awesome. You inspire me. Thanks.

Comment by Thomas D

I will never look at an illustration the same again. It is amazing how much work goes into a finished product. You are terrific dearest!

Love ya,
“Mom Meyer”

Comment by Kaylene

Mary I’m really impressed, I want them all already! I love the pig illustrations. And you have lots of different ideas, I love it. :) Keep goin, girl. You know I’m your biggest fan! ;)

Comment by Amy Copeland

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