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Directory of Pieces
November 7, 2009, 10:47 am
Filed under: Octboer 31 Project

I was able to scan quite a few of the pieces. But alas, my computer skills failed me and I don’t want to wade through more google entries to try to convert the scans to jpg… So I decided to do photographs. But I don’t know if all my photos are on the same computer. The long and the short: here’s a typed LIST of the pieces.

I have made available cheap prints: These won’t be a museum quality print, but as I said, they are cheap. Not all the artwork is available in print. Iam only able to get prints of the ones small enough. I will indicate which ones are available in print. The Peter Pan is available in print, but I cannot get those as cheaply. Comfort will be available only if at least 4 people want one. Confused yet? Here’s the breakdown:

SHIPPING AND HANDLING: $5 to mail prints–one flat fee. Doesn’t matter how many you want shipped!
ORIGINALS: as priced. Free shipping for originals.

1. “Has it Feathers Like a Bird?”  Original $70 * prints available

2. “Mel’s Thinking Cap” $25  *prints available

3. “Twelve Princesses”  $70  *Prints NOT available

4. “Trucks in the Sandbox”  $ 25  *Prints available

5-7.”Laugh” “Play” and “Lighten Up”   SOLD *Prints available

8. “Dance”  $55  *Prints NOT available

9. “To Have and To Hold”  $55  *Prints available

10. “Family” (Black and White Cats)  Original not available  *Prints available

11-14. Motherhood Series  Originals not available   *Prints available

15. “The Umbrella”  SOLD  *Prints available

16. “Rain” (Elves playing poker)  $55  *Prints available

17. “Matt’s Logo”  Not available

18. “Golf”  $25  *Prints available

19. “Ladybugs Being Ladies”  $55  *Prints available

20. “Annabel Lee”  $85   *Prints NOT available

21. “Dead Flowers” (Dandelions)   $75  *Prints NOT available

22. “Toadstool Panorama”  Not available  *Prints available

23. “Come Little Leaves”  $65  *Prints NOT available

24. “OPA”  Not Available  *Prints available

25. “Books”  $35  *Prints NOT available

26. Peter Pan Mini #1 “Tick Tick”   $35  *Prints available

27. Peter Pan Mini #2 “Kisses”  $35  *Prints available

28. Peter Pan Mini #3 “Tootles”  $35  *Prints available

29. “Tea”   $55  *Prints available

30. “Comfort”  SOLD  *Prints only available if at least 4 ppl want them  $25

31. “Peter”  Not available  * 11×17″ Prints available for $25

**All pieces are unframed.

**First come, first serve. Contact me through the blog, through facebook or at my email:

**Please send checks, or money orders. Sorry, no PayPal yet :)

Thanks for waiting guys!!


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