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Presenting Peter, and the end of the October 31 project.
October 31, 2009, 2:24 pm
Filed under: Octboer 31 Project

Thanks to all of you that have taken time to look at my pictures! In a way, it feels like this month went by quite quickly. However, I have submerged myself into the stress of “college life”, and am happy to give my body a rest…

My husband has dealt with short nerves, lack of clean undies, and fast food. There is laundry to be washed and folded, my shower needs a scrubbing, my apartment needs a dusting, a friend or two needs an email, and my hair could use a trim.

I am looking forward to relaxing tonite…have to run a charity pick up for Panera, and then watch a movie with the Hub. So what can you expect from the blog the next few days? I plan to scan as many as possible and make a complete entry of pictures with prices. Also, I am buying myself a sketch book and will be entering those, as well as updating the children’s book publishing process. Hope you guys will continue to keep up with the blogging…

For today, however, here is October 31—PETER!!




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Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!

Comment by Dan Creps

Mary! I’ve enjoyed your daily art! Thanks so much for sharing them with us! Will miss them but enjoy your rest!!! You earned it!

Comment by rynda

this is magnificent!! Mar Mar, I’ve conked out on commenting the last week ,I’ve been super crazy busy, but i’ve at least glanced at them each day…I’ll go back and peruse and comment tomorrow when I have a day of rest!! you rock.

Comment by Melissa Goff

Well done, Mary! It has been an exciting adventure we have been on with you. May there be many more to follow!

Comment by Vicki Houpt

Ooh, Mary, great finale! I love this illustration. Congrats on making it through a whole month and doing some lovely work!

Comment by katherine lile

Hey Mary,
I Love Your art work and illustrations~ I really love the Peter Pan that you put into it! They are wonderful! I hope you get some rest and enjoy some down time!
Thanks for all the hard work that you did! It was awesome to see every day!

Comment by Stacey

Hey Mary,
I’ve been following your daily projects…they’re great! Excellent job!

Comment by Angela

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