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October 28th… Segment Three for Motherhood.
October 29, 2009, 2:51 am
Filed under: Octboer 31 Project

DSCF5391Oh wherefore art thou November 1st! When wilt thou come hither bringing with you sweet slumber…

:) Today was nuts. I got up early, cleaned a house, came home, showered, gathered my stuff, made lunch for the car and Olivia and I set off for Charlotte, NC. Less than three hours away.. I needed to be there at 3:15. I had my GPS running, and exited to 81 to Roanoke. Typically, Roanoke is WARMER than Blacksburg, therefore I assumed that it was SOUTH. Then, the GPS freezes, and we didn’t notice. After about an hour it  pre=”it “>occured to me to wonder if I were on 81 too long, we unfroze the GPS, which promptly told us we’d be arriving after 5. It took us a while before realizing that I’d been going NORTH instead of South. Arriving in Charlotte around 5 meant bad traffic. We were late picking my brother up from work, didn’t get to do any shopping, grabbed some Panera and went to his house. His very nice new sparkly house, might I add. I drew at his house, but it wasn’t going well. I finally got it to a point that I could work with  and we left at 10 pm. Olivia–bless her! –drove home while I redrew unto my watercolor paper and painted the picture, my pallet in my lap and my water container next to me on the seat.

That said, I present to  you my Worst of the Month.



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well i think this series is just fabulous :) how truly beautiful.

Comment by rachel

This is very good. You are too hard on yourself. I love the motherhood series. They are all wonderful!

Comment by denise johnson

oh this reminds me of another experience I had with our very good friend amy involving leaving charlotte and picking the wrong interstate…it’s funny now, but not so much at the time..charlotte must be an evil city to cause so many problems:)

Comment by Brooke

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