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And another series will be introduced…
October 23, 2009, 2:08 pm
Filed under: Octboer 31 Project

I was a bit in a panic today, figuring out my schedule and how I was going to have time to work on Peter. Well, one of our friends passing through the area and staying at the inn solved my dilema. Not without a down side, however. The downside, is that I had to let go of some projects I was going to do yet. The upside is that I have bought myself more time. Here is his suggestion:

I am to do a grouping of three mini paintings. Little 4×4’s of something from Peter Pan. They will go along with my big painting, although can be seperated nicely. This will give my reading of Peter Pan double benefit. :) Today and Sunday and Monday will be these. Tomorrow I have something special planned. :)

I have a dentist appointment at 4 during which I will get three cavaties in my wisdom teeth filled. Then, off to the gym for a work out, then draw draw draw!!!


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That’s actually an easier way to work, the smaller format. I’m finding that to be really effective as far as time management goes. Plus, if you want to make post cards to promote your work, you can reduce the artwork down without losing too much valuable detail. You can also sell them cheaper, and people will be more inclined to buy them..

Comment by EthanMongin

Hey I was just thinking…you could do calenders with different themes. You could do 12 different paintings of different fairy tales or like the peter pan thing tell the story in twelve months. You could also do one of different poems every month. This way to someone could get a group of your paintings at one time and get to enjoy one every month. ;-)

Comment by Samantha

Sam that is a good idea!! It’s so easy to get calenders made too…

Comment by marylekoshereillustrated

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