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Segment Three for Stephanie’s Project
October 21, 2009, 11:48 pm
Filed under: Octboer 31 Project

The plan was… come home, do short project, relax in bed reading, sleep many hours. I was exhausted and looking forward to sleep. (Wednesday=cleaning houses) But…

I did dishes,I got talking to the guests staying upstairs, I became a practice patient for Sawaya who is preparing for an exam tomorrow. Here I am finally, no reading done, and just a little project to show for this long gap of time!

This is part three in what became Stephanie’s project. She suggested the word Play as the third part. This depicts my childhood. My mom actually made us horses, attached to whatever suitable stick could be found. They had big white felt eyes with black middles. She stitched some of her old Sunday hats into Cowboy hats. We had bandanas and cap guns. And that was just when we were cowboys. We were also savage Indians, army men, pioneers… And then last year, I dressed up as a bride, and my mom made my costume for that too.

Anyway, I need sleep. Goodnight all. Thanks again for your support…



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I think this is one of my favorite cartoons! LOVE it. It reminds me of my little brother and me a few years ago :)

Comment by Rachel H.

I just had to to giggle!

Comment by Melissa Goff

These just make me chuckle and smile. THank you!

Comment by Pamela Pickett

Priceless! You are so so clever. Thanks for using my ideas. I guess it pays to keep it simple, ’cause then you get picked. :) Can I purchase these, or prints of them?

Comment by Stephanie

haha! yes, it certainly did in your case. Yes you can, if you’d like. I am selling them for $25 apeice, but if you’d like all three, you can have them for $60 total. Prints are $10 each.

Comment by marylekoshereillustrated

These make me really want to meet the little guy and it so reminds me of both of my boys!

Comment by Christy Stevenson

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