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For October 17….
October 17, 2009, 6:41 pm
Filed under: Octboer 31 Project

First of all, it is not yet 6:30 and i am finished. Secondly, it is October 17! Yes, we are over half way through this project. Prehaps I could turn this diligence into stopping biting my nails or stopping my intake of all things sugar. :)

Today’s project was a request of Rebecca Martin, a fellow-citizen of the Book Club. She was wondering if I could do a book picture that could be used for the book club. Well, I have drawn one, but  prehaps it is not quite adequate for the graphic. I think our current graphic is very nice.

It was nice to return to my “roots”… up until I first attended art camp when I was 15 or so, I had no training in art other than what my mom showed me or I learned from books. I was limited to drawing. I think that it benefitted me, considering it sharpened my eye and I wasn’t distracted by paint. So today, with feet propped up, a movie graciously provided by the Hallmark channel, and an orange and yellow tree peppering leaves, I re-connected with drawing. The piece is not satisfactory. The books do not stand out in contrast with the rest and the whole thing suffers greatly from vignetting…Mr. Whit would be horrified.  But it is here and I need to do MORE drawing. My eye needs to be retrained to see reality as it is, not as an illustration.

I still something to introduce to you, but I shall post that in an hour or so… Don’t want it to get lost in this posting, or distract. It is very important.






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I don’t have any idea what you’re criticizing in this…I like the bookishness. :)

Comment by Melissa Goff

I love this! Can I buy it??? :o)

Comment by Hannah Rice

i like it!

Comment by valerie

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