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A Study in Ladybugs :)
October 16, 2009, 11:49 pm
Filed under: Octboer 31 Project

My dear Bloggetts,

Here is, per suggestion of Sara Craven and Marla O’Brien, Ladybugs. In particular, Ladybugs being ladies. I wonder at the great resentment that must be present in the males of the Ladybug species at being deemed such a name.

Enjoy the lady bugs. tomorrow, I am going to present to you a brand new project that has cropped up. It will require me to break a rule for this month… I think you shall be supportive. :) Oh can you stand the anticipation!!

Ladybugs Being Ladies

Ladybugs Being Ladies



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hehe, this is too fun. :)

Comment by Amy Copeland

I like it! How about Dandy Lions? Or Lightning Bugs…=)

Comment by Patty-Wags

I have had dadilions as a suggestion :)

Comment by marylekoshereillustrated

you always deliver in such a surprising way. when I hear I’m going to take it easy and do “ladybugs”, I think a leaf with a ladybug on it. This is amazing!

Comment by Melissa Goff

You are so amazing. I love the fun and the detail. So adorable.

Comment by Kaylene

This is darling!

Comment by rebekah prain

so playful and fun, Love your eye for detail too!

We stayed in a B&B in Woolwine VA last year around this time …. very clean and lovely place but there were ladybugs galore. The innkeeper had to keep vacuming them up, but it was a losing battle, we slept with cotton in our ears just in case ;) I have always liked ladybugs, but not in the bedroom LOL!

Comment by ~*~Patty

Haha! Glad we don’t struggle with that…

Comment by marylekoshereillustrated

Mary, I love these ladybugs. What did you do them for? I’d love to get a print of it if it doesn’t cost too much. One of the girls I watch is named Lillie and I call her Lillie bug sometimes.

Comment by Shawntay Celestino

This has the song the Ladybug picnic written all over it.

Comment by Laura Everett

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