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October 15, 2009, 7:44 am
Filed under: Octboer 31 Project

It is a cold, wet morning, and my fingers are icy as I sit here layered in sweaters tapping away to you… I am going to tell you what I am going to do today. And then do it. Even though it is a challenge, and I am not sure of the composition yet. Not  a sketch exists to give me a head start. I shall be doing it from scratch. I am attempting, per the request of TWO friends to do Edgar Allen Poe’s poem “Annabel Lee.” 

I am reading right now, via Audio Book, a fantastic chronicle called “Running with the Bulls, My life with the Hemingway’s” written by the woman who formed a relationship with Ernest and Mary little guessing that she would become their daughter in law after Ernest’s death. I am an enormous fan of Hemmingway’s art. Valerie Hemmingway talks about how he would say that he wanted to write as well as people such as Van Gogh painted. I believe he accomplished that. Well, it is MY aim in life then (with apologies to Ernest) to say that I wish to paint equally to the literary greats. That I could establish through my art the wonder achieved in Peter Pan, Alice in Wonderland, Treasure Island etc etc…

Today is not the ideal day to undertake such a project. I’ve three rooms to clean, my own kitchen to tidy, along with laundry and other inn duties… 

So I don’t know if I shall reappear on this blog until a late hour, but we shall see. Don’t set the bar too terribly high. :)


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Ahh! I didn’t know you liked to do heavy poems. If I knew THAT, I’d have requested the Village Blacksmith, or the Highwayman. I love Longfellow. Can you do one of those before the end of October!?!

Comment by Rachel H.

Hmmmmm…… Village Blacksmith sounds wonderful. I’ll see what I can do. I need to organize myself.

Comment by marylekoshereillustrated

Yeah! Annabel lee!!

Comment by rynda

I had an inspiration…your “Laugh” picture is so cute, you could do a series of maybe three in the same style. An idea for “Lighten Up”–do a very small boy clutching a bunch of helium balloons, hovering slightly above the ground (you can see the shadow from his shoes). Another one in the same set could be “Play”.

Comment by Stephanie

Ah! If we are doing poems then I will offer T.S. Eliot’s “The Wasteland” (pretty sure that should be italicized or underlined, but I don’t think I can do that. I am such an English fanatic…) However, that would be a large undertaking–possibly months or years worth of material. So get started already! ;)

Comment by Nino

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