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Segment 2 for Black and White Compositions
October 10, 2009, 11:50 pm
Filed under: Octboer 31 Project

Here ’tis. I painted the words “To have a to hold” as Lizzy married Mr. Darcy. How very fitting. :) I am ready to GO TO BED.  :) Don’t have to leave until 9:30 or so tomorrow, so get to sleep in a little.

Oh, and my husband may get mad at me for this… to those of you who weren’t at my wedding, or didn’t notice… When Sawaya repeated his vows, he said “To have and BEhold.”  Which, is true too.

Thanks again to Meribeth for her idea of this and, through the theft of facebook pictures, ended up modeling for me. :) Good night everyone. Thanks for stickin’ around.

To Have and To Hold

To Have and To Hold


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I love those little mistakes in weddings. I put the ring on Mike’s right hand instead of the left!

Comment by Samantha Attick

The two of you look beautiful together!

Comment by Vicki Houpt

You are so amazingly talented!

Comment by Kaylene


Comment by Hannah Rice

That’s crazy! I draw stick people…very nice Mary.

Comment by Meribeth Morgan

gorgeous work! absolutely beautiful… the drawing and what it represents. :)

Comment by slc

WOAH. Mary, you got some skeeelz. Haha. I love it. Puts my stick figures to shame. love it!!!

Comment by Big Jake

I wish I had her nose. lovely. (the whole thing, not just the nose).

Comment by Melissa Goff

haha! Do you remember the story you told me about Jason complimenting your nose? :):)

Comment by marylekoshereillustrated

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