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Further inspirations for you :)
October 10, 2009, 1:24 pm
Filed under: Octboer 31 Project

My dear friends. I am spending my lunch break over a bowl of tomato soup to bring to you more ARTISTS to check out. :) Yesterday, by the way, I was technically in bed by 10, but I was drawing. Didn’t finish up til one. And that was after Sawaya and I took a break to go for a drive-through-BK-vanilla-milkshake-date. Sigh of happiness. And I painted, listening to my new “radio station” for pandora…the Carpenters. Another sigh of happiness. For today…not sure what’s up. I’m kinda frustrated with the half-grown paintings I’ve been producing…I’ll see how much time I have. ANYWAY, here’s my tribute.

For some of you, your scope of artists may be kinda tiny. So I shall on occasion, provide a link to something I want you to see. Also, if you look to the left at the “Blog Roll” I shall be posting some featured blogs. Today I’m going to add a few and will progress from there. If any of you artists would like to be on my blog roll, please let me know!

First of all, we have Amy Hearn Copeland, with whom I’ve been friends for 6 years. Over the 6 years I’ve watched her grow leaps and bounds as a photographer. She does mostly weddings, but has other assignments too. She shot my engagement photos and would have done my wedding…but she had to be IN my wedding! :) She has a blog. Definitely check it out–you’ll be impressed. :)

Secondly is my friend Katie Gerdt who I was in art school with. I love Katie’s work. She is extremely talented and a wonderful person as well. She just started a website and I’m sure she would appreciate support! So take a look at her site and check back every once in a while as she adds to her gallery.

Our third feature artist for today is Ethan Mongin, who I also went to school with. He was a “dark horse” at school–seemed to keep more to himself, was permanently attached to his sketch book. Well, lo and behold here comes Ethan, now in grad school at SCAD (jealousy), with these crazy illustrations! Bold, creative, detailed. You can see his addiction to drawing… :) Check out his blog sometime!

I’ll be adding these to my Blog Roll, where they will appear as links. Don’t know why they aren’t showing up as links as I write this…maybe they will when I publish.

Stand by for further features! When October is over, I’ll have more time to do stuff like this :)


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I thought “Comfort” was my favorite..but this is it. Wow! This is truly beautiful.

Comment by Pamela Pickett

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