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October Eight.
October 9, 2009, 12:45 am
Filed under: Octboer 31 Project

Well….I’m not thrilled with it. The composition needs some tightening. The drawing needs some help. I’ve really spent some hours on this piece too, but don’t feel as if it really delivered.

One thing I want you all to know. Not only do I have  a passion for the two styles I’ve shown this far, but I’ve got a great big passion for incredible painting and drawing. Time contraints limit me from doing some good “realistic” peices. Plus, you need models to work from. Good quality pictures. All that takes time. So this October blog may really stay an illustration blog, and then from here I can move occasionally into a really decent piece. I hope.

So, here is my piece. Honestly, not sure about tomorrow. I know I said three-days-of-B&W comp, but it may turn into three SEGEMENTS. :) Tomorrow I have a house to clean AFTER work at the inn. My life is too busy. :)

So, thanks to Meribeth Morgan, and thanks also to Marla O’Brien for her suggestion of the word “Dance”.






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Mary, it’s beautiful! It looks like one of my favorite days too…sunny and breezy. :) Great job!
Sorry for the delay my facebook has been a little special lately but it seems to be working today.

Comment by Meribeth Morgan

Ok. . . not going to lie. . . I’m SUPER excited that you not only used my idea, but that you used it in a B&W comp. I really like the piece and really enjoy looking to see what you’ll post each day! good work so far! =)

Comment by Marla O'Brien

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