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Good morning from a tired artist. :)
October 9, 2009, 8:42 am
Filed under: Octboer 31 Project

My husband has mandated that I be in bed at 10. That definitely means that B&W Comp will be in segments. And for today–who knows! I don’t. :)

I just finished serving breakfast. This morning I had trouble getting up, not time to put on makeup, put Eucidern on these dry patches on my face and served breakfast. Little did I realize that the Eucidern (which is like vaseline) didn’t absorb into my face. So I served breakfast with shiny goo on my face. Oh well.

Send me ideas for B&W Comp if you think of it. (See post from yesterday, lunch) I don’t have any contributions yet!


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as far as a black and white theme…how about kittens?

Comment by Priscilla Bednar

well, considering that you want to emphasize the “family” aspect and not just random non-committed couples, why not have a family gathering scene (like a Norman Rockwell Thanksgiving dinner scene, except with members from both sides of the family all seated at the table and the happy couple carrying food in from the kitchen). that might be time-consuming, but you could shorten it a bit by only having the parents and one sibling or something like that.

Comment by Erin DePaz

I thought of the word “peace”….maybe with a painting of two hands holding the other….one black and one white? Enjoying your posts everyday :o)

Comment by Hannah Rice

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