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October 7 hath arrivethed. :)
October 7, 2009, 11:03 pm
Filed under: Octboer 31 Project

For one thing. I wish that wordpress didn’t make my smiley faces yellow. They make my blog look corny. Wednesdays are particulary crazy for me. Today’s responsibilities, however, got cut unexpectedly short and I found myself with a good bit of afternoon to dispose of! I headed to a friend’s house where Sawaya was studying… I shall try to give you a feeling of one of the best way to spend an afternoon. Picture if you will a big, very old house buried in a little valley.Picture a red tin roof with big trees, whose tops are being blown by the wind. Picture an airy house with oversized rooms and huge windows and a porch, with painted white floorboards, that wraps around back of the house and looks out on the creek in the valley and the railroad nearly hidden by the trees. On this porch sits an eclectic arrangment of furniture baking in the October sunlight. There is a table and wicker chairs. A porchswing, and a wood framed couch with plumy cushins. At the end of the couch sits a very nice, snuggly person (in this case, a husband) and you are there beside, stretched out, napping.  Needless to say, it was nice.

Well, don’t judge my little entry today as “Oh, Mary got off easy today.” Rather, I encourage you to look at it as if you saw it unexpectedly, like one purple violet growing all by itself in a field. Or like the little bird feeder outside of the dentist’s window this morning while I was getting my teeth scraped and my tongue sucked to pieces by that rediculous little vaccum they stuff in your mouth. Did I just kill the moment?

Anway, thanks to …ah I just looked up who gave me this idea. I’d forgotten. thanks AGAIN to Rachel Hall!




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Comment by Samantha Attick

Wonderful! Great motion. Deceptively simple; it’s a really strong image. I love this.

Comment by Rebecca

hey, I know that porch!! great description of it. so glad you got to enjoy the afternoon there, sounds fabulous.

Good news about the smiley icons! You can turn that off. Go to Settings (bottom left of your Dashboard links column) and click on Writing; there you will find a little box you can UNcheck to prevent the ’emoticons’ from turning into graphics.

(p.s. I thought I posted this comment but when I refreshed it didn’t show up. sorry if it posts twice, you can just delete the first one!)

Comment by MaryJ

This makes me smile :)

Comment by Rachel H.


Comment by Esther

I loved this one. It captures the true heartfelt joy that children feel when they laugh. Hannah said “wow, that’s funny!” when she saw it.

Comment by denise johnson

Love this! Want this! Will it be for sale? I need the reminder–I don’t laugh enough. :)

Comment by Stephanie

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