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Lunch time posting…
October 6, 2009, 1:26 pm
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Your body does an interesting thing when you don’t give it sleep. It rummages around in its sock drawer and pulls out a crinkly envelope labeled “Energy for a Rainy Day.” And somehow, after an hour and a half of sleep you can function remarkably well (with the help of coffee and make up) Well, I’ve dived into the envelope twice this week, and have come to a conclusion. I shall, for now, not attempt any more big projects unless I either have a drawing worked out ahead of time, or have a LARGE chunk of time. Thankfully, I had help with breakfast this morning…and Paula actually gave me my idea for today! I needed something simple today, and am excited about this idea. I’ll even go ahead and tell you what it is! Paula loves my mushrooms (and mushrooms in general) so I am to do a panorama of mushrooms. Actually that sounds like  good title. “A Panorama of Mushrooms” or should it be “A Panorama of Toadstools.” ?

Well, it’s a great day for art, for blankets, for movies, for books… overcast, drizzling…  I’m going to work on my artwork in between laundry loads.

I really do plan on having the art up before supper.

Book club, in case you were wondering, was fun. I am going to read, ” In Defense of Food.” Maybe it will convert me and I will give up pastries. :)

P.S. BIG thanks to all of you for your wonderful comments!


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I’m excited to find your blog project and I love your paintings. I’m glad we’ve met through book club and I’m looking forward to the next meeting already!

Comment by katherine lile

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