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At last…
October 6, 2009, 5:12 am
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I haven’t been to bed yet, so this still counts as October 5. In the midst of this project, I was very pleased. Then, due to my intense desire to be in bed and my getting sick of that pattern on the sofa, I hurried the project and therefore it is not all it could be.  Also, It struck me at 4:20 am, that prehaps my friend Rachel actually meant the word comfort as a VERB and not a noun. Well, I wasn’t about to start over.

So here it is. Goodnight. In about 2 hours I have to be in the kitchen to get ready for breakfast.






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She is lovely, Mary! On a cold, rainy day, there is nothing more Comforting than curling up on a couch with a good book.

Comment by Vicki Houpt

This is perfect for comfort. Oh, I wish you could have some comfort today and not have to work. This piece is beautiful, but please take care Mary not to run yourself down. love you!

Comment by denise johnson

Girl, DO NOT be so critical of your work. It is awesome. I think if you had not put down your brushes, you would have overworked it. It is uncanny how this piece resembles my daughter, Courtney, the book and long wavy hair. If you can’t find her more than likely she is curled up in a comfortable spot with a book. This is beautiful!

Comment by Pamela Pickett

This is beautiful! I think it’s a perfect rendering of “comfort”. I agree with Denise johnson…get some rest! You have always been the hardest worker I know!

Comment by Melissa Goff

Oie! You were up late!! I do hope you can get an earlier start on today’s, for the sake of getting some rest! But I am glad you could take a break to come to book club, especially since it was a slice right in the middle of your prime working hours. I think the setting of this one is intriguing – the contrast of the elegantly lounging figure on antique-inspired furniture framed by a subtle forest scene. This kind of unexpected discovery (at first it could read as a cool wall paper behind the couch) adds depth and a unique edge to the piece beyond the main focal point of the word interpretation.

Comment by MaryJ

Nicely done swetie… could it be that you had a good model? just kidding… However, I find it really funny that you stayed up that late, and the two medical students that were supposed to stay up all night chose the comfort and went to bed.

Comment by Jonathan Lekoshere

Wow–my favorite so far! Agreed with the rest of your friends….don’t stress out over these paintings! If you can’t do it one day, we’re not going to make you feel bad!! You need your rest! Anyway, great job!! I’ve so enjoyed seeing a new beautiful painting every morning….gives me something to look forward to! :o) Praying for you today as you work :o(

Comment by Hannah Rice

Wow – I think this is the best yet. I love the trees and toadstools in the background as the story comes to life in her mind. That’s neat. And I did mean the noun Comfort, so you did it all right! Good job. Sleep some today. You deserve it.

Comment by Rachel H.

Oh good!! Thanks. :) I’m glad that you caught the meaning in the background… :)

Comment by marylekoshereillustrated

I need this one for my library!!!

Comment by Brooke Crook

This is EXACTLY my idea of comfort !

Comment by Cheryl Webb

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