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Coming soon to a blog near you…October 5!
October 5, 2009, 7:09 pm
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My dear friends. I have just finished dinner of fried ham, fried potatoes and grits. I can feel my heart rate sputtering. I was able to work on my drawing this afternoon… then I had to do some grocery shopping…cook dinner…shower… anyway, it will be another late night. I encourage you to not stay up for October 5 but to instead look forward to it with the eagerness of Christmas morning and go to sleep with a smile of coming delight on your face. Ahhhh.

 You see, I am on my way to book club, therefore I must postpone my art until after 9PM. This will be my first book club ever, and I feel very hip saying “I am in a book club.

Of course I was in a sort of book club before. It involved putting little plastic star stickers on a big purple button and winning mini Pizza Hut pizzas. It was called Book-It or something. Does anybody else remember? Well, I thank you for joining me today. I shall try to get an entry in earlier tomorrow! Cheers. Feel free to continue with the ideas.


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YES!!! I remember Book-It!! Hope you get lots of stickers at your new book club too! So, what are you reading?

Comment by Melissa Goff

Ooooh you will love this. I am reading “in defense of food”…food books and movies were our first topic and I asked for help in recommendations, so this is what we’re reading. My knowlegde is not extensive in this area. Have you read this?

Comment by marylekoshereillustrated

No, I haven’t read it…let me know if it’s worth reading! So, who did you offend? :)

Comment by Melissa Goff

I remember book it . . . when you got all your stars , you were able to make your own pizza. Your projects have been amazing so far- can’t wait to see the rest

Comment by L&S Hinds

I remember Book-It too. I heart personal pans.

Comment by Anne

Yaaaaayayay book club! I am super excited about it and so glad you are joining us. And yes, aren’t we so hip for being in book club!?

Comment by MaryJ

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