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Oh ye of little faith…I give to you October 3.
October 4, 2009, 2:37 am
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I feel like I’m in college. I think I will retitle this project as “Good art concepts poorly developed.” The one-day rule is a bit limiting. :) I shall try to work ahead a little. Here’s the story with today’s project. My cousin, Betsy, had sent me some ideas via facebook. Among them was the fairy tale “Puss in Boots”. Well, I had been excited and inspired by this! Imagine the open door to style and humor. But alas, I found out this afternoon that I cannot draw cats. I was forced to give it up, and find it unlikely that I will return to it, unless done in a completely cartoon style, which won’t do it justice, only make it crass. (by the way, my use of commas is ridiculous.) So at 5pm, I resorted to ANOTHER idea of dear Betsy’s. Twelve Dancing Princesses. Curse you, dear Betsy. I have finished the twelve princesses…around 2AM. And may I give a shout out to Lucky Magazine, arriving in the mail today, for supplying many of the models. So I encourage you to look up the story after you see my attempt at illustrating it. In case you can’t figure it out, it’s the twelve princesses in their nightgowns looking with amusement at their damaged shoes from the Jig-Fest the night before. The concept in my head was a beautiful one. This doesn’t really resemble it. And who in their right mind writes a story with Twelve characters? Did you not, sir, even think once of illustrators??

Well. It is 2:25Am and here it is. Believe it or not, I still have dishes to put away and napkins to iron. I hope my boss isn’t reading this. :)

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you, the Twelve Princesses…

Twelve Princesses

Twelve Princesses

My lightbox with the drawing and one of the treasures I got at the booksale

My lightbox with the drawing and one of the treasures I got at the booksale




Detail...lettering stolen from above shown book :)

Detail...lettering stolen from above shown book :)


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Mary, you have done another great job. Wild suggestion. When you are finished, why don’t you see about putting them together for a book. And offer them to sell to your followers and friends. It would give you some art money and keep before us the beautiful task you will have completed. Hugs, and many well wishes, Mrs. Pickett

Comment by Pamela Pickett

Mrs. Pickett, I am working up a plan for making copies of these available. The plan right now it to offer cheap prints… I have to see how it will work out. I’ll do a posting on it as soon as I get it ironed out. :)

Comment by marylekoshereillustrated

They are lovely ladies. Well done Mary!

Comment by Vicki Houpt

Gorgeous…I can’t stop looking at the different hair! Good job–don’t wear yourself out!! :o)

Comment by Hannah R.

I’ll admit, I was one of the “ones of little faith”. I checked the blog right before bed, and lost faith:( So straightway after church, I checked, and alas…my faith is restored, my awe is inspired, my respect is earned, and I hate passive voice, why am I forcing it? Anyway, one can never use too many commas…or ellipses.

I laughed out loud when you cursed a friend for a good suggestion, and scolded authors with too many characters…thank you, thank you, thank you, for sharing your gift of humor and art. Love you…,

Comment by Rynda Baker

That last comment was by ME, NOT RYNDA!!!!! She was on my computer last apparently!!!

Comment by Melissa Goff

Thanks, everybody for the feedback!!

Comment by marylekoshereillustrated

I love the 12 princesses. Their individuality shines through.

Comment by denise johnson

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