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Ahhhh, Sunday afternoons…
October 4, 2009, 4:02 am
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My dear followers.  I am sitting, catching up on the blog, with a mug of coffee. I made it through the morning quite well, actually, after my shortened night. Sawaya and I split a huge Duncan Donuts coffee on the way to church. Happiness.

 I have decided that once again today’s entry will be a cartoon. And I don’t know if the “Suggestor” will be so very thrilled with my interpretation of her idea. I think she meant it to be sweet, and alas, I have turned it into humor. :0 So wait, I will get it up soon. And then hope to have some time to get a head start on sketching tomorrow’s. I do love tomorrow’s idea. We’ll see how this works. I’m back at work, but things were left in a nice state for me. I’ve laundry going in all three washers…Plenty of time to draw. Hope there’s something good on TV… Be back soon.


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It’s 7:21. Are you starting to feel a bit like I’m stalking you?

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