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October 2, here we go…
October 2, 2009, 9:26 am
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Today’s project DID turn out to be a cartoon… Here’s how this one came about. Let me just copy in my old friend Melissa’s posting in response for my call for ideas:

“I’ve got my thinking cap on! Maybe you should just sketch that. JUST KIDDING !! I take that back, it’s not my project idea!! delete delete”

:) Don’t worry, Mel. You can still contribute…

So, I did find some treasures at the book fair: A children’s book with illustrations by N.C. Wyeth (the Great) for $1. Complete box set of Narnia, A hardback book on Winslow Homer, etc…  Went to a soccer game breifly, sketchbook in tow. Didn’t stay long. Came back home to do-up this picture.

So, what’s up for tomorrow, you ask? A fairy tale. And that’s all I shall tell you. I’m looking forward to tomorrow…my boss, in a random act of generosity, gave me off til two. And I’m going out to breakfast with my husband. And I do love going out to breakfast, especially when it’s the vegetarian hippie place downtown with the thick wooden tables, artwork on the walls, and plants in the windows. And the man flipping pancakes is probably a communist. 

Until tomorrow.

Mel's Thinking Cap

Mel's Thinking Cap





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Extraordinary….as always!

Comment by Vicki Houpt

aaahhhhhhhahahahahahahahahahaha! Awesome. The light bulb on the t-shirt is very clever! silly girl…now I have to come up with another idea!

Comment by Melissa Goff

Wow, Mary! How did you do that? It looks just like Mel!

Comment by Rynda Baker

I really really like this one, Mary! If there were a cap like this, I would buy it. I lose too much sleep staying up late trying to come up with a story idea for my blog.

Comment by Dave

Love the simplicity in the composition on this one, and the expression is priceless!

Comment by MaryJ

mika, you inspire me. who knows . . . maybe one day i will post “one design a day” via my blog. :) we shall see.

this one is fabulous. i always loved your cartoon characters.

Comment by stees . . . moore ?

Love this little guy!!

Comment by Veronica

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