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The October 31 Project
October 1, 2009, 2:12 am
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Tomorrow marks the beginning of a project I am undertaking, and don’t know exactly how it will play itself out. I would like to think that it will produce 31 peices of brilliant artwork. But let’s keep certain things in mind. I am a master procrastinator. I also work 7 days a week. My innkeeping job is ever changing, depending on the number of guests we have. My Wednesday’s are especially full. Not withstanding, I am beginning this project and have been anxious for October. For those of you who don’t know, here it is the gameplan.

One of my former schoolmates of the wonderful Seargent Art Building did a project which I found very interesting and inspiring. Melissa Muth ( did a painting a day and took ideas from her friends. And she posted them on facebook. I liked the idea and with her permission, am launching my own project, done through facebook and this blog. I have received lots of ideas through friends (and am ever open to more, come how they will). I am doing one piece of art a day. I am allowed to do sketches and planning for the artwork ahead of time, but it must all take place in October. Now, I can’t promise you that every day you pop open my blog (would you ever be so generous!) that there will be THAT day’s arwork. I may not finish til the wee smas (I think that’s a Lucy Maud-ism). But the pictures will be faithfully posted. I am also not promising that they will all “work”, and you may have to see some failures. But at the end of October, the plan is to have a piece for each day. Here is a picture of my workspace. Not pictured is the various and sundry coffee shops; the get-togethers which my sketchbook sometimes attends with me; the worn, greasy, faded-red lazy boy in the office; etc…
SO. enough said. And this font is tiny. I know. I just don’t know how to fix it… remember the part about computers and me?

My "Studio" in the office at the Inn

My "Studio" in the office at the Inn


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First, let me say congratulations on your blogging endeavor. I look forward to following it in obsessive, almost cult-like fashion :). I hope to start one myself as soon as I get access to internet that doesn’t travel by the same paths as telemarketers.

Now, this “October Project” of yours– I must say I like it (and hats off to Miss Muth for its invention. Credit where credit is due ya know). However, at first blush I found myself at a loss of ideas for paintings which, I would imagine, is how you feel a good deal of the time. But, in the spirit of contribution and world peace and after a bit of pondering I offer a subject near and dear to my heart: mad science. And I don’t care if you want more than two words; that’s all you get outta me. Besides, its fairly fertile ground. Throw some seeds out and see what grows.


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