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Good morning.
October 1, 2009, 7:00 am
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It was really hard to get up this morning. I have a headache, but there is coffee nearby…

Eggs Benedict and three guests on the menu this morning. Today, the inn fills up. I’ve things to do to prepare for everyone coming, but I get off at 4 and am off for the remainder of the evening. But there is one thing sabotaging my day… The annual YMCA book fair. Thousands of cheap, used books. Yes, I said thousands. And the artbooks are good. I have a pretty decent library, I think, but today I plan to beef it up. I love books.

Needless to say, my dears, you WILL get your piece of art today. I will only tell you one thing… It’s going to be a cartoon. That’s the plan for now, anyway. See you later.  

p.s. It pleases me that I just hit spell check, and i had gotten “sabotage” right. Spelling isn’t my thing.


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gorgeous classy blog!! I love it!

Comment by rachel

Ooh? A cartoon? How fun! Can’t wait to see it :)

Comment by Rachel H.

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