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Braveart, or If William Wallace Were to Take Up Sketching
February 1, 2014, 11:51 pm
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When I was taking Ceramics, my teacher told us to make a bunch of mugs, which we did. Then, we were told to take out two… and trash the rest in the bucket she strolled around the room carrying. Unfortunately, no one did that in watercolor class. The lesson?
Don’t get too attached to your work. Watercolor and Pen & Ink require confidence. Not a lot of forgiveness in those mediums. They’re the jersey dress in the wardrobe of art.
There’s comfort in lots of lines; skill in just one. There’s second-chances in layers of paint; sudden-death in one.

So I find myself caring too much— I need to be willing to screw up an entire piece. Need to let myself practice.



Here’s the first completed piece in a series of Downton Abbey pieces that will have prints for sale on Etsy. Maybe no one will buy them, but considering the success the porcelain versions of Scarlett O’Hara and Diana have had from the little paper ads in USA Today…I’m hopeful.

In non-Pen&Ink news… I made this tonight. Don’t nobody go and link-bomb me on the 7 ways I violated my body…

Orange Vanilla Gorilla Bread

Orange Vanilla Gorilla Bread


Pen&Ink February
January 30, 2014, 6:04 pm
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Ever wish you could do college over? Maybe you wouldn’t have slept through so many classes. Maybe you would have at least stayed awake through illustration class. Maybe you would have skipped out on society basketball-really? women’s basketball?-and spent the time in the painting room, buried in oil paint. Maybe you would have asked more questions from all the brains-on-hand, right there.  Maybe you would have done college pretty much the way you did. Maybe your ideal self only exists in your imagination.

My 20’s are months away from closing, and I’m facing a new decade. I still have art goals. (If wishes were horses…) Of course I have my hat collection to contend with.You know, wife, mom, chief baker, head laundress. You get the idea.

Truth is, you can accomplish quite a bit with a little, consistent, effort. Consistency. Not my strong-point. And it only gets harder with kids. I can’t do things on my terms. I do a lot with the moby strapped on. Sometimes you have to do things for 2 minutes, run push the paci back in, pat the bottom, return to task. 3 Minutes, run put the paci back in… oh you get it, you moms of babies. But my toddler-bless him—naps. Naps beautifully. And has a hearty “Thomas A Train” obsession. So. Here we go. A project. An inspiration. A forced diligence.
February is my pen-and-ink month. I admire this technique. I’m OBSESSED with a well crafted line. But it’s not a technique I’m not very experienced in. My ideal self would have kept improving herself post-college. Here we go again…
So, I’m going to practice. And you’re going to watch. :) New drawing every day, minus a trip to Alabama and a 2 year old’s birthday. The drawings will be posted here, on Facebook,and/or on Etsy. They will be available for purchase for $10 a piece, unless otherwise specified…
Enjoy these images nabbed from pinterest. More to come as I soak up the skills of others…
One more thing… you post a picture you’d like me to consider as inspiration to my Facebook wall MamaKingStudios. Please note the word “consider.” I make no promises. :)
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Hello 2014, Nice to Meet You
January 11, 2014, 5:13 pm
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Just having a baby is a good place to begin a new year… considering you are re-discovering fashion after packing up maternity wear. Rediscovering a waist-ine that you forgot was a built-in feature.  Getting past those beginning days of getting used to a new person and finding a way to return to normal activity…

Wilder doesn’t approve of life outside of human contact, but thanks to the Moby and a toddler that still takes beautiful naps… art is a possibility.  There’s a “thing” going around facebook–a pay-it-forward-art-project. I have 5 projects to do…which gives me the wonderful opportunity to practice. So thank you, my 5 guinea pigs…

So, there’s a photo order for me waiting at Walgreens….references. Here’s a peak at what I’ll be working on…

This first gem was taken by Megan Creps….



Of Food, of Castles
October 7, 2013, 12:47 pm
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My assessment of German food, albeit a novice one. German fare is what one may expect from an orderly, industrious people. Straightforward. Well prepared; hearty. Noodles are frequent, thick gravies are rich and warm. Meat well done. Breads are fresh, grainy, cheeses flavorful, vegetables vinegary.


I’ve tried Schnitzel and noodle (hear-hear Julie Andrews!), and these balled-things called Knodel, once made of potato, once of bread crumbs. I preferred the bread-crumb one. Very much like Thanksgiving Stuffing.

DSCF5265 DSCF5408 DSCF5404 DSCF5403

The other day, my mother in law and I visited the convent. “Don’t come back a nun,” said my father in law to his wife. We went with a small group of ladies. The tour would have been better had it been in English (although my mother in law dutifully translated parts for me ) and had the tour guide not found it necessary to dunk herself in perfume before hand. Fascinating to see buildings from hundreds of years ago–back when the USA had….teepees?


Oh yes, a word on castles. Here, I’ve noticed they tend to become restaurants. Now, the American in you may say “They put a dishwasher in a castle?!” Yes, yes, they do. But then you can have a nice cappuccino and one of the best slices of apple pie you’ve ever tasted. The real crime comes from the Coke machine in the monk’s former dining room, or the Coke tables in the castle courtyard. Oh yes, they do that too. I suppose when your country is liberally doted with old buildings that demand upkeep…. well, Coke plays a part.

DSCF5360 DSCF5365

One may think, from my photos, that my mom in law has put us on an ice-cream-a-day diet. One would not be far wrong. There’s ice cream restaurants here–complete with menus. One particular one had a dish designed to look like Spaghetti. Delish, of course.


Mehr, Bitte
September 27, 2013, 2:00 pm
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Germany and I have had an ongoing disagreement about the importance of a top-sheet, but we made peace today over a hazelnut ice-cream sundae and a cappuccino.

Today was a little outing with Oma & Kingston. I picked up some nice trinkets. Lucky lucky me, the Germans put out Christmas decorations in September. And if you’ve never seen German Christmas decor, well then. You do not understand my luck.

Tonight we had potato salad made with bullion (German-style), fish sticks with a homemade dip, that yummy tomato, basil, cheese “salad” that has a name to it I can’t think of. Fresh avocado, pickles.

Two days ago we were invited to a ladies Bible study, breakfast included. And what a breakfast! The bread basket alone was a work of miracles. There was butter in a tiny dish at each place, sugar cubes, cherry tomato halves placed on colored pepper halves. Strong coffee in tiny porcelain cups, with saucers. Meats, cheeses, fruits, chocolate to finish. And Kingston got his own bag of animal crackers and two whipped yogurts. My son is chub’ing up. He needed a little. At three today he ate noodles and chicken, and then a good size helping of potato salad at dinner.



We drove up to a little mountain the other day. Reminded me of Box’s Hill from Emma. It would, in fact, have been a perfect location for a picnic flirtation with Frank Churchhill. Or, if you are in fact married, a picnic and a novel of Frank Churchhill.

Anyway, there were mushrooms. And grass. Can we grow grass on our mountains, South Carolina??!




Tomorrow, my mother-in-law (bless her) thought to include me in a ladies’ outing to an old convent. Yes, please. I will wear a scandalously bright dress. There will be a lunch, and coffee.

Hallo, Germany
September 21, 2013, 8:59 am
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On June 23, 1984, there must have been an Unlucky Traveler Star blinking wearily over Barge Hospital. In other words, don’t travel with me unless you hope to miss your flight; be delayed; not get your baggage; get your baggage broken; have your in-flight entertainment screen broken; your reading light stuck “on”; get missed in the passing out of a breakfast-like substance; sit next to a smelly passenger; or have a gate attendant sitting on his fat rear, with no one else in line, anger you to tears by his rudeness. And my travel history is fairly short, at this point.

Our initial flight out of GSP got delayed, we missed our direct flight into Stuttgart, and had to be re-routed to London-Heathrow, AKA The-Dungeon-Complete-with-a-Bus-System. Our 5 hour or so layover there went by more quickly than expected due to Delta and British Air not sharing the same ticketing system. Once that got ironed out, we could relax and wait for our gate to be announced, which the airport likes to keep as a last minute surprise. They’re cool like that.

But, arrive we did. A great time of year for South Carolinians to escape the suffocating humidity and be instantly transported to fresh, fall weather. Everything is very green, corn still growing, window baskets full of flowers. The coffee is smooth, the bread is hearty and there was a brick of Brie on the table this morning. Be still, my American heart.


The house is nestled in a village–oh yes, they still call them villages. And next to it are rolling orchards, and clusters of black-faced sheep. There’s a paved walking trail, with Germans bicycling by, ringing their tidy little bells.

Yesterday, we went to a public pool, which everyone should do when they visit Europe. You get an up-front experience of the European’s relationship with nudity. For instance, there might come along a gentleman in a speedo and sit quite near you in the kiddie pool. Or, in the locker room (with plenty of private booths) there might be a woman a few feet from your husband, strip naked at the waist and towel off her unmentionables.


These days have been socially busy ones, as Sawaya’s brother, wife and 2 kids are visiting. Kingston gets to play with cousins that may not understand his language (but then, it’s not like he is fluent in English) but do share the same love of cars and balls. Boys are simple like that.

For now, here’s another picture of the breakfast table. In the spirit of the Pretend-Austrian Julie Andrews: One of my favorite things.


Have Nap, Will Paint
September 5, 2013, 6:29 pm
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The underdrawing for a painting that may or may not get finished before Germany.

The underdrawing for a painting that may or may not get finished before Germany.

My son is known to take wonderful naps. This has been my first week, minus maternity leave, as a stay-at-home-mom, or, if you prefer, painter in residence who happens to have a toddler.
My coworker, shortly before I left, stood in the tiny room where I lived out my part-time work life, and told me if she were me, she wouldn’t be there. As in, “you’re an artist; what are you doing in an office!” It was a timely comment, a nice little launching-pad to send me into the studio. I am looking at the next four months as an opportunity to pursue art. I have been pursuing it, but not at a gazelle intense rate (thank you, Dave Ramsey) and speaking of the finance guy, “The difference between a dream and a goal is a plan.” I am a fantastic dreamer. Now onto the work!  I have four months or so til baby arrives and I am returned to the world of zombie-mama, with dark circles, and left-over maternity shirts covered in…liquids.

I’ve a smattering of projects ahead. Here’s some photos of what I’m in the midst of/recently finished. Etsy will be updated soon.


Part of the Salt Water collection. A crow on the beach

Part of the Salt Water collection: A crow on the beach

Salt Water collection 4 of 5.

Salt Water collection 4 of 5

I’ve had a “maybe” epiphany. Is there such a thing? Maybe I am meant to do fashion illustration. 1. I love illustration. 2. I love fashion. 3. I have always been captivated by drawing beautiful women.  Anyway, I’m going to do some watercolors combining fashion illustration meets pop-culture, and sell prints on my etsy shop.  Here’s a couple drawings: please tell me you can tell who they are! And feedback on this project is welcome. P.S. Negative feedback, also known as, constructive criticism, is likewise welcome.

_MG_0412 _MG_0411